Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a Day!

Sometimes you just have one of those days! this is how it went:
Had to get up at 4am for a 6.10 flight to Adelaide.
Couldn't find remote control for garage door, backed into son's car in driveway.
Arrive at airport, just miss bus from long term parking area to terminal.
Run all the way thru terminal to LAST boarding gate - FLIGHT CLOSED!!!!
What do I do: start crying, tantruming - will it change anything? NO!
What I do is - stand and take stock of my situation, THINK, walk all the way back thru terminal, out thru security, back to service desk. Book later flight (3 hours later!!!), pay money, then back thru security, buy a chai latte, sit down, BREATHE slowly, gather myself, send a dozen smss and procede to prepare myself for today's meeting and relax......
Without Choice Theory I would have cried, angered, roared at the check-in chick, argued at the service desk. My blood pressure would have been sky high and I would have been stressing about being late for the meeting. And what would have changed - NOTHING. My situation would have been exactly the same - stuck at the airport, waiting for the next flight.
THANK YOU Choice Theory for giving me the strategies to cope with whatever is thrown my way.
NOTE: Later flight was an hour late leaving!!!

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  1. So now you have more useful ways to manage the frustration that we experience. What freedom!