Saturday, July 30, 2011

Woodenbong ??

Where is Woodenbong?  I did not know until two days ago.  I drove out from the Gold Coast about two hours and juddered across the border into New South Wales.  I called into the local pub and asked the person behind the bar if this was the only hotel in town. He smiled and said yes.  The town with its outlying community has a small population of about 600.

Dorothy Devine and I were booked in for the night to begin work on a Basic Intensive Training with staff at the local school the next day.

The school was a mere 100 metres from the pub and we were greeted by the Deputy Principal who opened up our training room.  People began to arrive and we were underway.

Our time with the staff was full of fun and laughter.  Stories were shared, aha moments were evident, deep listening practised and questions were asked, all leading to a very needs satisfying day.  Work will continue between sessions through a Blog called Woodenbong BIT.

Now I know a little more about Woodenbong and some of its residents and I really warmed to both.