Monday, January 31, 2011

A Change in Behaviour

One aspect in which I have recognized evident changes is how I relate to other people. Often I believed that when I strongly supported something my job and duty were to convince others to do the same. And that was all out of best intentions, I swear. Oh goodness, how hard that job was and somehow always resulted in frustration.  Now that I know more about external control, everything makes so much more sense.  How liberating it is to know that no, it is not possible to make others change pictures in their quality worlds, and at times my job and responsibility is to provide information. How liberating that is. Not that I feel less responsible, because the focus is on making sure that the best possible information is provided. However, at the end of the day, the choice and the responsibility for making that choice is somebody else’s.
I am taking some baby steps in this direction, but I certainly feel much more relaxed when I go to meetings for example. I am more and more aware that even though some people may make choices that are not compatible with my beliefs, does not mean that they are bad choices and certainly it does not mean that I fail as a person because they are not commensurate with mine.  

Dijana Sahlibasich, Basic Practicum participant 2010-11

Friday, January 21, 2011

The best and the worst of it !!

In the recent Queensland floods, people were faced with the reality of something over which they had no control.  The first fine day after the torrential rains that brought the floods gave people the sense that the worst was over but in reality the worst was still to come. The inevitability of the rising water hit home as we watched the Brisbane River power its way towards the sea taking with it many large objects including a popular floating restaurant from Coronation Drive.

People have chosen to do different things in the wake of such adversity.  The wonderful response from volunteers has meant that people have been able to face overwhelming clean up tasks with hope and some enthusiasm.  This spirit of support has constantly been reported on radio and on television.

People are meeting, supporting and working with neighbors previously unknown. A bringing together of people in evacuation centres with NGOs and volunteers has meant that people have felt safe and connected at a time of crisis.  

There are of course the other stories as adversity brings out the best in people but also the worst in others.    Looting, scams, rip offs are also part of the scene.  The outpouring of support and action has outweighed the negative choices made by a few.

A lot of heartache and fears still face many people.  Frustration and anger, hope and relief are feelings that will be experienced as people come to terms with loss.

I hope that people look at what they have control over and what they don't and work with the things that they can influence.