Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gentle Way

Life is about solving problems - making decisions on a minute by minute basis in the hope of shortening the distance between what we have and what we want: the difference between our resources and our desires. On the one hand there are all the things we want – material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual - which we believe will give us happiness. On the other hand there are the givens - the stress, the work hours, the debt, depression, and disappointing relationships. Choice Theory provides us with both a map and the skills to navigate the life challenges to best meet our desires. It is a grounded, logical way to understand the how and why we behave to lead to more effective control of our lives.

It is an unconditional, non-judgemental and compassionate way of viewing ourselves in the world. As we learn to take responsibility for our own lives we become more compassionate towards others and their life choices. Being aware of the choices, we can open multiple pathways to transcend the limiting beliefs of external control. A loving, spiritual life to transform the crappy side to a happiness..

Di Childs
Dorothy Devine
John Cooper

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