Saturday, November 6, 2010

An example of why I love being a Choice Theory Reality Therapy counsellor

After 17 years of chronic depression’ June’ arrived at my office on pleading recommendations from her family who knew me. Allergic to antidepressants and a prisoner in her own home, June had not washed her kitchen floor for 3 years, lived her life on the web as was suffering a broken heart from a failed web relationship.

Instead of focusing on what led to the depression, I said, “ Let’s focus on if you could have life the way you want it and be in your life in the way you want, how would that be? June went for gold and literally started to physically and emotionally sparkle. In one hour she stated her goals and aims, her desires to let go of the failed relationships and her desire to reconnect with her sons. June attended 5 sessions only. From session one to five, her whole life changed. Seeing her gold picture for the first time she raced ahead of sessions realising goals, making connections, mending 17 years of damage. Her sons had waited their whole lives for this moment and they grabbed it. She took her sons on a family holidays, she attended her son’s 21st birthday, and even began a new relationship with someone she met on the internet and continued that face to face. June died as a result of an accident before her sixth session. However, her family who all thought she was a loser and chronically unable to be helped, discovered that June was connected to literally thousands of people over the world who she had supported in their depression and isolation. Her oldest son made a web page and two years later people still click on and add to the blog of how June helped them.

June’s biggest loss to herself was that for over 20 years she couldn’t connect but prior to her death she completely turned it around beyond what either of us could have ever thought possible. Junes changed her life because for the first time a therapist focused on at her quality world picture and assisted her to self assess her actions and create a new life. Via understanding her basic needs and her choices through learning about Choice Theory, this was made possible.

Kalikamurti Suich

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  1. What an amazing story of change, self management and growth. Thanks for telling 'June's' story.