Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Australia Day

I was interested to hear this morning that Geoffrey Rush had been made the Australian of the Year. A very worthy recipient for such an honour. A quick look at the media and a survey in one of Sydney's papers showed that not everyone agreed.

When he was interviewed he said he was humbled by the award.  He spoke about being in the company such amazing people - the other nominees- who were passionate about what they were doing and how he was changing his perception of what it is to be Australian.  As we know, more knowledge - from significant others can often change perception.

His hope as Australian of the Year is to bring about a shift in perception about social issues through the arts.  He particularly wanted to inspire young audiences.

I got to thinking how it would be to mingle with these people.  They all have a quality world and have different pictures and yet they have similarities.  As we believe that all motivation is from our quality world pictures and how we attempt to live our lives to get what we want, to meet one or more of our basic needs  of Survival, Belonging, Power, Freedom and Fun.

Geoffrey Rush said that his chief drive was 'a professional calling'.  Perhaps this could describe what other nominees thought about what they do.  Perhaps the sense of a professional calling is about meeting all of the needs by what we do.  Perhaps it is about the values we hold as people who can make a difference for our fellow human beings.

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